Near-death experiences


Rational thinking and research on Near-death experiences (NDEs).

I am writing this from the prospective of a Internal Medicine Physician.  I have treated many patients who have been revived from near death.   I will look at medical research and Biblical Truths.

These experiences take different form but can be summarized as follow;

The physical state is of decrease perfusion of blood to the brain and/or a lack of oxygen.  Usually from shock either from a severe infection (Septic shock), from myocardial ischemia (Cardiogenic shock), or from a cardiac arrest.   It is also reported by patient coming out of an anesthetic after surgery.  

The experience may be pleasant.  One report is "I was in this light...There was a presence in the light, a wisdom...The wisdom loved me, and at the same time it knew everything about me.  Everything I had ever done and felt was there for me to see.  I wanted to proceed into the light and stay there forever, but I was shown that I had to go back and take care of my two children."

The experience may be frightening.  A  priest reported that he had vision of eternal burning hell and was in a judgment hall and pronounce guilty of his sins by Jesus.  Mary pleaded with her son to give him another chance.  He revived promising to reform.

What is the Truth about Near-death experiences (NDEs)?

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